Spring is in the air!

Popke patiently awaits the latest hay delivery

Popke patiently awaits the latest hay delivery

Well it appears that spring has finally arrived in Nova Scotia (fingers crossed). Today is blue skies and the sun on our faces. The horses are pretty happy about this too. Popke has been getting some de-sensitizing and road/trail training from Tasha. She was apprehensive at first but also very trusting. An amazing relationship building exercise.

Liefke continues to grow and is turning into a stunning mare! She’s also been getting a lot of training, ground work mostly and her manners have improved quite a bit in just a few short months.

A lot has been going on at the farm the past few months. Renovations to the barn and paddocks and though spring brings with-it beautiful feisty beasts it also means that it’s time for spring clean up.

We are really excited about the 2014 season, stay tuned for more news in the near future.

Liefke arrives in Nova Scotia

Last week Liefke arrived safe and sound from British Columbia.  She was in a great mood and extremely well-behaved. Tasha and I were very pleased with her conformation and temperament, she’s extremely sweet and willing, she loves to please.

She is currently doing a lot of grazing and getting to know her new broodmates, a Hannoverian, Swedish and her new pal Smokey the Shetland Pony. Tasha is also getting her used to wearing a fly sheet and mask, she’s taken to it quickly but has a strong distaste to the sound of velcro.

Liefke is very affectionate and is giving and receiving lots of love from the kids and trainers, welcome to your new home swan!


I’m very hungry after that ride!

Prepping your horse for Keuring (FHANA online course)

Here is an excellent video from the FHANA about preparing your stallion or mare for Keuring, and more importantly an explanation of the evaluation methodology. The online video should help you make the right decisions when getting your Friesian ready for inspection. The course is given by Eric Smith from the Fenway foundation, he demonstrates how you can show your horse to its potential and how greatly you can affect the linear score-sheets.