Popke arrives

Our beautiful Friesian mares.

Liefke (left) and Popke (right)

We are very excited to welcome our second Friesian mare Popke! She is a beautiful Star mare who happens to be Liefke’s mother!! She is gentle, sweet and a fantastic mover (I see where her daughter gets it from). There’s only one problem… telling them apart! Although Liefke is now taller than her mother, it’s hard to believe how similar they look. I often find myself confusing them. When Popke arrived Liefke immediately recognized her and gave her a soft sweet nuzzle. Such treasures!

Popke (right) is adored by everyone! Especially her daughter Leifke (left).

Popke (right) is adored by everyone! Especially her daughter Leifke (left).

Welcome home Popke… we think you are amazing too!

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Mom & Daughter

Mom & Daughter

Liefke arrives in Nova Scotia

Last week Liefke arrived safe and sound from British Columbia.  She was in a great mood and extremely well-behaved. Tasha and I were very pleased with her conformation and temperament, she’s extremely sweet and willing, she loves to please.

She is currently doing a lot of grazing and getting to know her new broodmates, a Hannoverian, Swedish and her new pal Smokey the Shetland Pony. Tasha is also getting her used to wearing a fly sheet and mask, she’s taken to it quickly but has a strong distaste to the sound of velcro.

Liefke is very affectionate and is giving and receiving lots of love from the kids and trainers, welcome to your new home swan!


I’m very hungry after that ride!

Welcome Liefke

Our first Friesian is on it’s way From Chilliwack BC. She loaded onto the trailer with “no problems”. She’s currently travelling in first class with a box stall. It will take approximately 4 days for her to arrive in Ontario where she will have a layover and then on to Nova Scotia. Safe travels Liefke, we can’t wait to welcome you to your new home!