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Liefke ut ‘t Westen – 2nd Premie

Liefke is a beautiful 2nd Premie mare. Liefke was backed at the age of 5 and  focused on learning basic ground commands. She appears to still be growing at the age of 6! She is very smart and has a wonderful disposition for learning and bonding with her trainer. Her movements are that representative of a 2nd premie. She floats across the ground and has very powerful gaits with her movement being very lateral.

Her natural movement and balance is a dream to work with as a trainer. Sometimes its hard not to teach her movements far above her level of training as she seems to just understand what your are asking and Dressage is naturally built into her. That said, we are taking our time with her growing her into beautiful Dressage horse at the speed she is comfortable with. She shows great interest in connecting with her rider, although she is a little timid and seems to still be “finding her balance and feet’. She is a pleasure to work with always bringing a positive sweet manner to the ring.

Tasha and Liefke have created a very special bond and connection where they seem to just work together seamlessly. Liefke is a ounce in a lifetime horse and her relationship with Tasha is really a treasure. Tasha often says she has never ridden a horse quite like Liefke where she seems to just know what you are asking.

Liefke is currently being schooled Training/Level 1 in Dressage. Our dreams of her as a Dressage horse are slowly coming true. She competed this season at various shows in Nova Scotia with scores into the hight 60’s. Liefke is very look-ie an inquisitive. She wants to know what everything is often finding the things going on outside the ring more interesting than inside! Lots of get out there and show experience will be key to her competitive future.

We are very much looking forward to the journey with this very special Friesian.

Popke ut ‘t Westen – Star, 2nd Premie

Popke is a beautiful Ster mare. She is extremely affectionate and sweet. Always greeting her people with soft eyes and nuzzles. She is currently schooling Dressage from level 3/4 to FEI. She was shown this season at third level. Her movement is action packed and visually stunning. As her training progresses she becomes more confident, always giving more to her rider. Her willingness to please and suppleness are paramount to her success as a beautiful Dressage horse.

Popke is known as the sleeper agent horse. Originally purchased as a brood mare we at Tavichez planned to continue breeding her for one or two more foals as she had little to no riding experience. Well Popke had other plans for herself finding her fathers (Goffert 369) Grand Pix Dressage steps built into her!

Popke has become a very special advanced Dressage horse. She is learning and excelling at the upper level Dressage movements.  We very much looking forward to train her natural ability for piaffe and passage (being Friesian afterall) in the future. If given the option all roads lead to piaffe for Popke, she would rather piaffe than anything!

Tasha feels that every ride with her is a gift and she just seems to learn and offer up more every time she is brought into the ring. She is a real treat to be around and train. Always looking for a kiss and a cuddle during cool out. Followed by a walk around the ring and a quiet discussion about how exceptional she is and how lucky we are to have her.

Popke is a Ster in every aspect and we love her presence in the barn, the field and the ring. She is a real treasure to us at Tavichez.



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