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Liefke ut ‘t Westen – 2nd Premie


Liefke headshot 2014Liefke is a beautiful 2nd Premie mare. Over the past summer Liefke was backed and focused on learning basic ground commands. She is very smart and has a wonderful disposition for learning and bonding with her trainer. Her movements are that representative of a 2nd premie. She floats across the ground and has very powerful gaits with her movement being very lateral. She is currently being schooled in Dressage at training level. We are looking forward to watching Liefke grow into a beautiful Dressage horse at the speed she is comfortable with. She shows great interest in connecting with her rider, although she is a little timid and seems to still be “finding her balance and feet’. She is a pleasure to work with always bringing a positive sweet manner to the ring.Liefke 2 2014 We expect Liefke to blossom into a fantastic Dressage horse.Her gentle nature and inquisitive outlook will also allow Liefke to enjoy many disciplines outside of Dressage as a well-rounded mount. No bias, but we believe Liefke is a rare exquisite Friesian. We look forward to watching her grow up and become a Ster!


Popke ut ‘t Westen – Star, 2nd Premie


PopkePopke is a beautiful Ster mare. She is extremely affectionate and sweet. Always greeting her people with soft eyes and nuzzles. She is currently schooling Dressage in first level. Her movement is action packed and visually stunning. As her training progresses she becomes more confident, always giving more to her rider. Her willingness to please and suppleness are paramount to her success as a beautiful Dressage horse. Popke has also bonded with her younger riders, offering them the opportunity to experience the power of riding a Freisian while embracing her motherly nature and allowing the young riders to be confident and comfortable. She is excellent on the ground, extremely gentle and has saintly manners. We expect Popke to continue up the ranks in Dressage as a solid contender. She loves the attention and gratification of bonding and pleasing her riders, always bringing a willing attitude to the ring. Popke is a Ster in every aspect and we love her presence in the barn, the field and the ring. She is a real treasure to us at Tavichez.



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